October 4th, 2011

As promised, more images from the Supermade cars – Nissan Gloria and of course the S15 Silvia. This photo above is probably one of my favourites from my whole trip to Osaka. I kindly asked the fellow decked out in a Supermade jacket and parachute pants if he’d like to get a photo with the car and he agreed. These type of photos remind me of the Dori Ten styled images with the Japanese pointing to specific parts on their cars pulling stupid faces, however this one was a little more casual.

The day we visited Supermade Takanori-san agreed to park the S15 out the back for me to feature, here is a little teaser on what’s to come very soon. So, I have to ask, what would you prefer? The 4 door Nissan Gloria or the S15 Silvia?

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  1. scaife Says:

    s15, hands down

  2. marvis Says:


  3. Simon Says:

    Gloria for me, as much as i love the supermade S15 I prefer S15’s that are built by companies like yashio factory.

  4. Casey S. Says:

    S15 if it had an LS swap…iv’e brainwashed myself

  5. Matt Says:

    The Gloria for me.

  6. Nama Says:

    Sorry both or no one.

  7. pete Says:


  8. xEnvy Says:

    S15. Not to mention a desktop version of the picture above or others would be awesome, love that S15.

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