April 4th, 2012

Due to all the black and white 35mm pasted on the last couple of pages it’s time to bring a spice of colour to the blog. I really want to start putting more effort into the site as there are just so many blogs and websites, oh and Facebook pages out there nowadays it’s hard to keep up, therefore you have to have ask yourself “why do I deserve to get a decent sized audience?” From a outsiders point of view I wouldn’t know where to start with keeping up with blogs and sites so it’s time to shine. These handful of images are taken from my archives from my first trip to Japan, back in 2010 to Tokyo. In just over 3 weeks time I will be heading back to Japan with some of my best friends. For them, it will be their first time in the country and I really can’t wait to see the reaction on their faces. I still remember the first time I stepped off the plane onto Japanese soil and from that moment until I boarded the flight back to Australia I was under a constant dose of adrenaline. Turning up to workshops without even planning it to street drifting on the docks of Kawasaki and touge running through the tight mountain roads of Hakone, it purely was a dream come true. Sometimes I wish there was a different type of interaction I could produce to give you a closer, more in-depth insight to Japan, however the 21st century only goes so far, not that I am complaining.

My previous trip, 11 months ago was not in the Kanto region like my first trip but Kansai, Osaka. For two large cities about 7 hours drive apart it really is quite surreal how different they are. This time we will be flying directly into Narita, Tokyo where we will be spending 1 full week and 2 weekends and then heading down to Osaka for a full week and weekend before my friends jet back to Australia. For me, the action won’t stop there. My past trips to Japan have been nothing but the best times of my life, no exaggeration. This time I have decided to stay in the country a little longer than anticipated, 7 weeks to be precise. Here is a photo of Mt. Fuji peeping its snowy peak above Tokyo’s skyline.

We not only plan on visiting a bunch of garages, workshops, meets and events but also shops such as UP GARAGE, Super AutoBacs and some other smaller ones such as Hot Road. Going to Japan with a car at home will be a little different, I’m hoping I don’t get too carried away and spend all my money on car parts rather than trying to survive over there but I’ll have to see what happens. This luxurious V8 Cima was sitting outside the huge UP GARAGE just a few minutes away from BEE☆R. It’s these little things that all add up on a trip, seeing such an awesome car parked outside a shop.

In the first 2-3 with my friends we will be hitting some various events and will be run off our feet. Events and meets such as the 26th Annual Mooneyes Meet in Odaiba, RB Meeting in Nikko, Drift days at Fuji Speedway and Mobara Twin, SSRA SPIRANT Drift day at Nikko, Ebisu Matsuri, Round #2 of the Drift Muscle at Sugo Sportsland and MSC at YZ Circuit down in Nagoya. They’re only a few events so far but that is what we have penciled in. There are around 1-4 events everyday at various circuits so we’re going to have more than enough to choose from. Needless to say it’s going to be a great trip filled with late nights, early mornings and soar heads.

As stated above we’re hoping to catch some more subtle meets such as some street drifting on the docks of Tokyo, Yokohama and Kawasaki. I still remember from 2010 we met a fellow by the name of Yo-san who was in D1 back in 2000 in an AE86 which he actually brought out to the docks and showed us. I won’t say much else but here is what was under the hood of the Trueno hatch, one gorgeous 16V. This night was definitely one to remember.

Visiting Daikoku PA was another huge highlight and I’m sure we will be hitting it again this trip as it’s always very interesting to see if not hear what is coming down the giant, looped highway into the PA. Recently, the PA has been getting shut down quite early, 9-10PM on most nights, if so a lot of cars head down south to a car park called Ebina which we got taken to last time by a fellow named Yuki-san with a S14.5. Here, are a lot more crazy styled cars, such as Kaido Racers, a lot of drift cars and zoku-style vans believe it or not! From Ebina, Hakone is only about 35-40 minute drive.

Unexpectedly that night lead to a full night of Touge in Hakone. I was fortunate enough to ride shotgun with Yuki-san on a 45 minute tight and fast run from the bottom right to the top. From now on I want to start documenting everything a little bit more rather than just posting a photo and leaving you left in the dark. The whole idea of having a blog is to give regular updates on what is happening right? Over the next couple of weeks I will be trying to earn every dollar I can to take with me to the mother land and getting everything in order to have another blast with my best mates. Yes, you’re going to be seeing more photos from vending machines to cars drifting some of the most famous race tracks in the world! A lot has changed in the past 12 months, Shirtstuckedin is my first priority from now on and will remain that way when it comes to doing what I love, shooting in Japan. Stay tuned for updates x

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    wow. I am more than exited to see the upcomings, i love this site and your work. Its like living it from the other side of the world thanks to you!!! keep it up mate….. god i love that 4ag!!!! 😀

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