July 6th, 2011

I’m sure you guys remember the last post I did on the Nagano Koubou RPS13 which you can see here. I received a number of comments and emails asking for me to post more photos of this gorgeous s-chassis. Well, here is a photo of the two boys from Nagano Koubou rolling into Meihan on the Wreck Em drift day. As I just got my film processed I will be sending all the negatives off to Chris in New Zealand to have them scanned onto disks at a decent resolution which will show many more photos of these groovy characters and their machines. For now, sit tight and enjoy the sighting of these two immaculately styled cars, I could happily say the black 180SX has been one of the coolest cars I’ve seen in person.

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  1. zombieslider Says:

    God i love these cars, cant wait till im done with my own. 15s and flares just look so dam good.

  2. Andrew Says:

    I hate you casey. just because you got to see these cars in person. but I love you for posting them!

  3. Rustbucket Says:

    Black Onevia, perhaps? 😉

  4. thomasdd Says:

    Post the green one! These things are crazy cool!

  5. Dietmar Says:

    Love these two shots, and the presence those cars have. BTW, it’s not a 180sx, it’s a Onevia (180sx front, Silvia body). S13s on 15s are awesome

  6. declan Says:

    high res available? more pictures of the green S13 asap, it looks mental!

  7. Sixto Says:

    more of the green s13 please!!

  8. mike Says:

    the onevia is beautiful.. but more pictures of both please!!

  9. johnny Says:

    have anything on the green one behind this!!!! looks just as good

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