Yesterday was my first time visiting Sports Land Yamanashi SLY for a Drift Ensemble soukoukai. Without question the coolest track I’ve seen in Japan. Being located in the middle of the forest the feel and outlook is definitely similar to a street and touge layout. Here is a shot of Alexi in his Mark II x

Late nights out with LOWBRAIN away from the bright city lights in Tokyo. Before heading up the hills we stopped at a quiet little こんびに 7-11 which constantly had modified cars passing through, gearing up and taking off up the hills. It was quite surreal actually seeing cars such as lump RX-7s to quiet MX-5s roll in, get a coffee, put their gloves on and go for it, you could literally hear them for a good 10 minutes after they had left. Not long now x

Hot Spring/Summers day in Mizuhonomori Park, Utsunomiya with an awesome group of friends from Tokyo. Here is Tatsuya-Sans S2000 and of course Seita-Sans slammed Accord x

3 and a half hours away from the bright lights and non-stop action we made our way up some very special roads that LOWBRAIN thought we’d enjoy. A night filled with fireworks, colourful wands and rainy touge drifting will definitely not be forgotten. A great start to an awesome adventure in J. LOWBRAIN FAMILY x


November 22nd, 2012

Late nights and early mornings with LOWBRAIN x


August 24th, 2012

LOWBRAIN: ゆーさん JZX90, しんごーさん R32, むこさん GX71x

Seita-San’s Honda

July 15th, 2012

Seita Takano-San’s CB3 Accord, powered by a H22A, sporting a full set of 15″ TE37V’s built purely for the mountains of Hakone. You can expect a full feature of this street machine in the iconic Super Street Magazine in the coming months x


June 20th, 2012

The night we drove 3 hours away from Tokyo to meetup with the LOWBRAIN crew who took us to some of their favourite touge in Kanto. Here is a shot of their most recent build, the Missile S14 powered by a naturally aspirated SR. Getting back into central Tokyo around 7:30am to sleep was totally worth it, more to come x