Joel Hedges

September 11th, 2012

It would almost be rude to post a photo of Jesse and not one of Joel, so here is my redemption. I love shooting Meihan! x


August 24th, 2012

LOWBRAIN: ゆーさん JZX90, しんごーさん R32, むこさん GX71x

N/A R32

August 22nd, 2012

This N/A powered RB R32 Skyline was one of the grooviest cars in the paddock at Nikko Circuit for the RB Meeting a few months ago. It was refreshing to see a touch of old school style added to this 4 door with its lowness, 15″ Watanabe’s and six-throttled-setup RB motor. Absolutely awesome. More detailed photos to come on and off the track x

Rolling up to Higashi YZ Circuit for a MSC round I didn’t really expect what cars were going to be in the paddock. Walking around the pits at MSC is always put stress on the brain, there are so many bright and colourful cars you don’t know where to look or point the camera. In the mist of all the cars I saw two stupidly low R32 Skylines, yep, R32 Low Down Style. This crew has been around since I was 2 years old, 1993 to be exact. For so many years I have watched, admired and dug through so many archives to try and find more and more photos of these cars so this day was literally a dream come true. Unfortunately the main car, this one above did one warm up lap and had some issues for the car which made him forfit for the day. That however didn’t stop him from driving home. This is basically the only photo I got of him on the circuit but I have a few of him exiting the event. x

Joel Hedges x Jesse Streeter

August 8th, 2012

Heading to Japan with a handful of good friends was an awesome experience for 2 or so weeks. However when they left I was a little worried I’d get bored by myself and not know what to do at times. Yes, there were times like that but it was mostly exciting. A few days after my friends had headed back to Australia I decided to stay an extra week in Kansai to meet up with Jesse Streeter and his new room mate all the way from New Zealand – Joel Hedges (C’S GARAGE). After getting a couple of hours rest we woke up to a gorgeous Spring morning en route to Meihan Sports Land for a traditional そうこうかい track day. With Joel living in Japan just over 12 months he was pretty settled in to the lifestyle, to be more specific the car side of things. Up front is his R32 coupe and behind is Jesse’s other wall-rider, a Zenki S14 with a similar engine setup to his PS13. When I think back, these are some of the best days spent in Japan. Waking up before the sun rises, throwing all our gear in to the back of a drift car hoping it doesn’t get smashed. Sitting in a low and ridiculously loud car on the way to Meihan with a few pit stops. I remember this day very clearly. It was a moment where I had been in Japan for a few weeks, everything was starting to become quite regular, life was awesome. Riding in a slammed car making a deafening amount of noise along the expressway next to another gorgeous drift car. It is honestly such a cool feeling – and I wasn’t even driving! I have a bunch more photos from this day including a tonne of action. It wasn’t a huge turnout but there were a few D1SL guys practicing and tearing up. Be sure to stay tuned x

Before I left for Japan I remember finding a small selection of images of one of the absolutely slammed Skyline’s. After Hellaflush Kansai had finished I was shooting along the main road exiting the circuit when I saw two very low R32’s in the distance. Neither of the cars had entered the show so it is still a mystery where they came from, maybe a track day or something? x

RB Meeting

July 20th, 2012

The madness continues from the most recent RB Meeting at Nikko Circuit. R32 Skyline battling it against an old school C34 Laurel powered by a RB26. Nikko is definitely one of my favourite tracks to shoot, especially in the Spring time x

Nikko Circuit Reverse

July 12th, 2012

Nikko Circuit reverse. RB Meeting 2012 x

R32 RB Meeting

July 2nd, 2012

Super low R32 Skyline tearing up Nikko Circuit at the most recent RB Meeting a few months back x

Joel @ Meihan

May 21st, 2012

A person that has inspired not only I but thousands of you have been following over the years is the fellow behind the wheel of this clean R32 Skyline, Joel Hedges from C’s Garage in New Zealand. I finally had the chance to meet him down in Kansai region last week and headed out to Meihan for a mid-week practice day alongside Jesse Streeter and a few D1SL drivers. It was a fun, relaxing day to say the least, very chilled and perfect temperatures for both drifting and spectating. Here is one shot I like of Joel running along the wall, more to come very soon x