Today was once again another surreal day in Japan. Yesterday I tripped down to Kyoto from Tokyo in order to attend the opening round of MSC Challenge for 2013 at Suzuka Twin Circuit. Being in the Kansai region meant for a lot of crazy cars and drivers to show up. Here is a shot of Sahashi-san and his low-style R32 after a long day of driving with his other 2 team members x

あ〜ぼ〜ム〜ン pulling faces x

Joels R32 having a break in the spring sun at Meihan soukoukai x

Shakotan R32 at Nikko Circuit, RB Meeting 2012 x

One of the very first events of my last trip was the RB Meeting at Nikko Circuit. Needlesss to say there was an uncountable amount of well-built cars and of course driving. You might remember this car from this post mid last year, here are a few more photos, plenty more coming soon x


November 30th, 2012

Street & Track life with Joel Hedges from New Zealand and Jesse Streeter from Japan. A Spring day well spent at Meihan Sports Land with these boys x


November 22nd, 2012

Late nights and early mornings with LOWBRAIN x

Joel Hedges from C’s Garage throwing down at Meihan Sports Land x

Hellaflush Kansai R32

October 16th, 2012

Super low R32 Skyline sitting in the queue patiently waiting for the gates to open at Central Circuit for Hellaflush Kansai x

R32 RB Meeting

September 28th, 2012

Slowly going through the photos from the RB Meeting at Nikko Circuit x