Rainy day spent at Suzuka Twin Circuit for a ひとみGO soukoukai with high-class teams from the kansai region. Never have I seen so much rainfall during a drift day. Standing out there for an hour being completely drenched including all my camera gear was totally worth it apart from a few things no longer working. This time of the year is seriously amazingly picturesque in Japan, purely because of the rain and spring sun making everything so colourful.

Also, this mightn’ be a photo of a car, however this, to me is just as interesting. Circuit marshals do such a thorough, swift job here in Japan it is always both entertaining and amazing to watch. Every event from D1 to grass-root soukoukai days are always in top order from start to finish x

To be honest you’ve probably seen a tonne of photos of this little MX5 around the internet. His name is Eigo-San and he is apart of Team Spirant with Manabu-San. Eigo-San’s NB MX5 is powered by the standard 1.8L with no serious modifications. Here is a few photos of him sliding the rear section of Nikko Circuit. Plenty more to come from the SSRA track day and Team Spirant. Casey x