Toyota MZ10 Sharknose Soarer

August 3rd, 2012

It was my second last weekend in Japan that Park and I came across a small group of Kaido Racers at トモベ P.A. We were actually on our way to Tsukuba Circuit for the Idlers meet with Nakai-San. After hanging around the PA for a few hours a few other amazing cars rocked up before they got back onto the expressway. After that we stopped again and caught up with some more cars before they took off to Fukushima for a large meeting. We ended up about 60km’s past Tsukuba turn off but it was all worth it. Here is one shot I got of a MZ10 Sharknose Soarer. These guys were super cool and really laid back. Once again, I took way too many photos of these cars and can’t wait to show you more! Have a killer weekend everyone.

Engines are made at Toyota’s specialized engine factories. The Kamigo Plant and Shimoyama Plant make engine parts and put them together into engines. Engine parts are also made at other Toyota factories and by Toyota’s suppliers, check out this site if you need some parts to repair your car.

Japanese Sunsets

July 26th, 2012

This is the メイシン 高速 Meishin Expressway. It runs for 193.9kms precisely between Osaka and Kobe which is in the Hyogo Prefecture. Whether we were driving to or from an event or just on a road trip in general this is where we found ourselves the majority of days during the sunset. In so many ways it was great. With Japan being a non-stop craze it was one of the very few times you were out of the cities, could actually witness the unbelievable gradients the sun produces at this time of the day and cruising along some of the finest roads in the world. Starting to really miss Japan. Hoping to get back over there for a few weeks just before Christmas. Casey x

This was the second night into our Japan trip with K-Tours. Here we are after a big night of preparing the cars for Suzuka for 2-3 nights. Right after leaving Shane’s we stopped into the local convenience store to grab some treats for the 3 hour driver and then some fuel. Here are some photos I snapped during the trip. Here is John Dollison filling up his PS13.

Erin Sykes from JDM Garage in his Kouki S14. The car has had a huge transformation and can’t wait to shoot it when I head back over to Japan, the new R33 GT-R guards on the rear give it a fat ass appearance.

Here I am hanging out the window leaving the service station after filling up. This photo is the back of Todd’s Type-X and in front half a dozen drift cars on a road trip to Suzuka.

Here we are on the way riding behind Todd’s slammed RPS13. This was before our first stop and before I took over driving from Buckna in his SR20 C33 Laurel.

Finally we have Shane and Matt in the Joy-Pop keeping at the back of the pack to make sure everyone sticks together through the toll points etc. I really do miss this.

July 18th, 2011

This photo may look a little familiar to you as you have most probably seen an image taken from the same night on the same road at a different angle. Here is a more detailed shot of Todd & Nathans s-chassis parked up on one of the main roads leading into Shinsaibashi, the heart of Osaka City. I have to say it was quite surreal witnessing 9 or so beaten drift cars parked up along a main road with the hazards flashing.