Since everyone is posting photos from the most recent Hellaflush, I’ll continue with the theme however from the previous show – in Kansai. Here is a photo of Shou Kimura’s 326 Zenki rolling into the show early in the morning x

Fatlace S13

September 25th, 2012

Being nice and early to the Hellaflush Kansai was definitely worth getting out of bed a little earlier than expected. It is shots like this that made it worth it, non cluttered photos with the smooth, morning light as the cars set stage. This one particular shot of the Fatlace S13 that lives in Japan alongside Toshi-Sans RWB Porsche was a favourite. Plenty more to come! x


September 16th, 2012

SSR perfection x

岡山 ピーチボーイズ

September 5th, 2012

If you follow us on Instagram, you would have seen an upload last night of the Okayama Peach Boys in the queue for Hellaflush at Central Circuit back in May. I don’t think I’ve uploaded any photos of these guys yet on the site so here is one for now while I round up some others to add to the blog. I think I’m going to have a leave a few of these out for the 2013 calendar however plenty more will be added in the next few weeks! x

If you’re based in the USA be sure to pickup the most recent issue of Super Street Magazine. This current issue showcases my first collaboration with them – Hellaflush Kansai 2012 which previews a huge variety of breathtaking cars from the southern region of Japan. I am very excited to be working with an awesome group of people again in the US. Here is a preview of what is in the issue – Masayoshi-San’s RPS13 from Nagano Koubou, aka Rose Bud x

I thought I would add a little more colour to this page with Takashi Kusunoki-San’s Team D L K 326 kitted S15 x

Before I left for Japan I remember finding a small selection of images of one of the absolutely slammed Skyline’s. After Hellaflush Kansai had finished I was shooting along the main road exiting the circuit when I saw two very low R32’s in the distance. Neither of the cars had entered the show so it is still a mystery where they came from, maybe a track day or something? x

RWB x Liberty Walk Performance Lamborghini Hellaflush Kansai 2012 x


July 23rd, 2012

At the end of Hellaflush I had a hard decision to make. It was either stay up the top of the circuit where a handful of cars drifted or head down to the exit onto the main road and capture the awesome cars leaving along this picturesque road. I don’t regret my decision watching and capturing the cars leaving the event at all. Check out this shot of the 326 POWER Zenki leaving x


July 18th, 2012

Over the past year I have been following this particular fellow and his JZX 100 build on Minkara. To see it at Hellaflush Kansai was just another heart stopping moment in my books. x