January 19th, 2019


浅野さん最高 x

オリジナルフェンダーと10j x


March 4th, 2013

After spending a clear and warm Spring day at Meihan with Joel and Jesse we decided to stop a couple of times on the back into Osaka. After checking out Up Garage Joel and myself spotted GOING AUTOMOTIVE whilst sitting in traffic. Reversing at a set of traffic lights, dodging traffic in a noisy, body scraping R32 seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary so we parked up and checked out the classy cars they had for sale. This JZS161 was by far the coolest in the lot. Plenty more photos will be posted soon x

Rocky Auto 2012 x


JZX 100 at Hellaflush Kansai tucking some deep, wide wheels. To see a full shot of this 100 click here x