December 25th, 2010

As Nigel and I arrived at Nikko Circuit for the second time within 48 hours, we were greeted by an un-countable number of gorgeous s-chassis smashing around the track. Along with the SB Corporation S15 this aggressive, candy, apple red zenki S14 caught my eye as it dropped 3-wheeled entries into the first corner at Nikko. The car looked extremely mean as it clicked 3rd gear to link the back section. If only I could explain how this SR sounded against the giant cliff-face at the back of the circuit, so raspy and so responsive.

In the sun, the candy red paint sparkled a pretty orange colour. This is really what I was planning on seeing in Japan, I am really glad Nigel and I took the time to drive 170km/s south from Nihonmatsu to Utsunomiya. It was quite a shock seeing the circuit whilst travelling along the highway.

Right before the car reached the tighter section, the car was well on full boost, as you can see.