September 20th, 2012

Lately I have been spending the majority of my days and nights working and cleaning up my car in preparation for Matsuri. A good advantage of daily driving is finding common problems, faults and glitches that tend to give way. I have pretty much been trying to go over the car in order to replace so it becomes more reliable. Here is how it looks at the moment, still pretty much the same. The front got lowered a few weeks ago after the new exhaust was fitted. The front got dropped around 15mm which let me wind in a little more caster due to the LCA’s being at a level height now, no longer facing down. As for the rear, around 5mm or so as I want it to be raking! I have luckily, found another full set of AVS6 in black, which will be painted white to match these ones in 8Js which is an inch wider than my current ones. Super excited to get them and have matching wheels to use on the track.

Pretty excited to drive this car on the track in a few weeks time but there is still some work to do! x

My New Car

July 8th, 2012

My new car. Unfortunately I sold my KE70 just before I took off to Japan a few months ago. Here is my new project, 1994 Nissan PS13 Almighty. SR20DE 5 speed manual. I’ve had the car for just over a week now and finally got out this afternoon to take some photos of it while it is 100% standard, I need to transport it from where the owner had it, but I used an Interstate Car Transport on budget to help me with this. The car will receive basic mods such as coilovers, diff and wheels and a few personal touches here and there. All in good time! 

The real question here is “who would be OK with a dump truck?” what is the biggest box truck you can drive without a cdl Well, if one has to give a good answer here is the first one who wants to go into a dump truck at all. Let’s say someone just walks into the dump truck and says “I have to stop this.” Well let’s say two things: no man should have to walk into a dump truck, and 2) if you walk into a dump truck and tell someone you have to stop it or you go to prison, there will be serious consequences.