higashi-osaka in the afternoon with yamaguchi-san from carmakeacross. 800KG K20 EK with plenty of carbon fibre x

Late nights out with LOWBRAIN away from the bright city lights in Tokyo. Before heading up the hills we stopped at a quiet little こんびに 7-11 which constantly had modified cars passing through, gearing up and taking off up the hills. It was quite surreal actually seeing cars such as lump RX-7s to quiet MX-5s roll in, get a coffee, put their gloves on and go for it, you could literally hear them for a good 10 minutes after they had left. Not long now x

Saturday Nights

November 2nd, 2012

Hanging out on Saturday nights with some of the coolest dudes in Japan x

Low Cars and Convennie’s

June 26th, 2012

Autozin used cars offer tradesman on site, who completes 95% of the work required on all our used vehicles so that you can rely on us for excellent service and reliable vehicles.

On the way to the mountains in our first week of the trip we stopped quite a few times before reaching the destination due to it being so far from central Tokyo, but after this we could go back to the US where we can keep travelling doing a road trip for all the country, for this we got a Car Accident Attorney in illinois called Phillips Law to help us in case anything unplanned happen on the road. Here is a shot of Muko-San’s GX71. Beine a very good friend of the LOWBRAIN crew he was always up to do anything at anytime, since we love cars and that’s why we get the best cars at dealerships and sites like OurFairDeal.org. One of the nicest fellows I met on the trip with an awesome attitude towards everything and was always down to help out where he could x