September 15th, 2022

beyond words. drift tengoku september 2022 full feature on my 1号機 3037 S13 silvia.

a giant thank you to:

and of course SHIRTSTUCKEDIN (each and every single one of you!) x

GX61 Corona Mark II Eagle Mask

September 9th, 2022

a car that i have been looking at purchasing quite seriously over the past 18 months has been in the range of GX51/61/71 however due to pricing inflation it has been a lengthy and patient process to await something suitable in all fields to pop up for sale. just like silvia’s kyusha (old cars) in japan have spiked even worse.

the newest car to add to the collection – 1983 GX61 Corona Mark II Eagle Mask. factory 1G-GE (NA) twin cam 5 speed manual.

i spotted this car around 5 months ago on car sensor by a little dealership located in aichi prefecture that specializes in GX’s, skyline’s and anything else in-between. over the years traveling and living in japan i have purchased a fair amount of cars through friends however i have yet to experience purchasing a car through a dealership in japan. for the most part dealers can be extremely expensive however my experience with PCA was nothing but a breeze and extremely thorough. if i remember correctly i drove out to the dealership roughly 4-5 times to check out the car thoroughly in their shop on the lift in hopes to make a firm decision if this was going to be something i wanted to pull the trigger on or not.

a very simple car that has very low km’s, no rust and has been looked after very well. amazing and simple suspension setup on SSR mark iii 14x9J – 27 14x10J -38 (A disk). very excited to build this into something absolutely pristine and exciting.

if you are looking for a old japanese classic car and interested in PCA’s inventory be sure to check out the website link here. once again a very big thank you to everyone at PCA for their amazing hospitality, communication and overall patience over the course of 5 months: (株)プレスト PCA プレストクリエイティブオート x


August 28th, 2022

the lead up to summer every single year in japan is by far without a doubt the busiest and craziest time of the year due to multiple events clashing together, one being kansai all stars in which for the most part everyone involved in this sport does what they can to prepare both the car and mentally for this event.

this year is my 4th year in a row driving this event, qualifying 1st for nara prefecture 2-3 weeks prior to kansai all stars at the end of july had put me in a good, somewhat confident mood for this years all stars!

i have stated this before on the blog but want to re-write it to give a little insight on how the event works and ran over the course of the day:

roughly 128 cars who attend the event.
– 5 minute practice sessions within your prefecture
– 1st session of qualifying which runs for 10 minutes (approximately 12-15 cars in each group and a total of 3-4 go through to the next round)
– 2nd session of qualifying pending you made it through the first round which once again goes for 10 minutes and 3-4 cars once again go through to the 3rd and final round of qualifying.
– lastly before the tournament (top 12) is the 3rd and final round of qualifying
– tournament (top 12) which is the battles but tanso (single runs only). this is the part that is usually shown on the kansai all stars videos on youtube released every year.
– prefecture dantai (5 cars together)
– super dantai where anyone is free to go out and take place in the extremely high number of cars running all together sun as the sun sets and the event is finished.

this year i managed to get through practice, 1st, 2nd and 3rd qualifying into the tournament (top 12) up against naoki nakamura then into top 6 against fukuyama and then into top 3 (finals) with nakagawa, hiro and myself finishing in 1st place.

below is the youtube video from the day – all outside footage from morning to PM – giant thank you to macey and keisuke for all the footage. photos are by keisuke, drift tengoku & cooper. i will do my best to be a little more mentally prepared next year to get some onboard footage.

a very large thank you to each and every single one of you lovely customers, fans, supporters globally who watched the kansai all stars live on youtube along with the insane amount of lovely messages showing love and support. this was a day i will never forget and i think will never feel real no matter how much time goes on. i will continue to keep pushing the limits with this brand and driving along with day to day life. level up forever, loveee always, caseyyy x

GX61 Mark II Eagle Mask

July 9th, 2022

the GX61 mark ii eagle mask in okayama deep 2019 x

trying to put a lot more effort into onboard filming for my training and memories for sure however also each and all of you’s viewing pleasure. there are lots of RAW onboard and outside videos on the SHIRTSTUCKEDIN youtube including this first day back at meihan sportsland c course in the 3037 S13 in 10 months. another complete RAW edit with some outside footage to match some onboard runs. summer is definitely here in japan, drove the entire day slowly trying to ease back into the groove of how responsive and quick the car only running the car on low low boost for the entire day. as always, enjoyyyy! thanks @macey14 for the outside videos you legend! x


June 27th, 2022

it has been quite some time since i’ve taken new photos of the NA S13, for the most part every campaign shoot it gets cleaned up and taken out to model new products for the brand. timing it perfectly a few months ago with the blooming sakura flowers in and around nara prefecture, japan.

all black phase – the latest look and version of the SHIRTSTUCKEDIN NA 4 throttle demo PS13. featuring our latest collection of car fashion & accessories.


June 27th, 2022

3037 S13 meihan sportsland x


June 23rd, 2022

nakamura naoki at D1GP okuibuiki for rounds 2 & 3 2022.
saturday overall champion, sunday overall champion and sunday tanso winner. the next rounds are late august just after the peak of summer at EBISU circuit – nishi (west) course, rounds 4 & 5. enjoy this set of his brand new 2022 V8 supercharged S13 silvia


May 19th, 2022

incase you missed the last photo set of rob’s AE86 here well here is another set i wanted to get up that was taken on the same day through the countryside of nara & mie prefectures in film. usually the black NA S13 or any of my personal cars are used for campaign look book shoots to feature any kind of products, stickers & inventory that are readily available to our upcoming releases. rob’s timeless 86 was also a perfect, timeless looking car to shoot too before it was unfortunately sold on.

as usual i’ll keep it short and sweet, enjoy this little photo set and some of the newest SHIRTSTUCKEDIN stickers & goods. caseyyyy x



May 16th, 2022

one of the largest collection of products for SHIRTSTUCKEDIN to date. i have spent a lot of time over the past 12-18 months re-structuring a lot of things back-end to the brand and the storefront to push forward with more products in the most confident and stoked mindset i can be in. certain suppliers for certain products have been suspended which has lead to finding a lot more suppliers here locally in japan which is very hard and sought out these days. a lot has gone into this collection of goods and a lot of changes implemented to give us a very good base to keep the inventory line of SHIRTSTUCKEDIN pushing in a direction we strongly want for the next 10 years.

SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Driving Force V2 Carbon Kevlar Racing Seats – PRE ORDER
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Driving Force Crystal Shift Knobs – MADE IN JAPAN
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Acrylic Flaked Key Rings
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Alloy Laser Cut Number Plates
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Logo Staff Bench Jackets
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Driving Force New Logo Mechanic Gloves
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Driving Force V2 New Logo Side Cushions
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Driving Force V2 New Logo Drink & Tobacco Holders
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Logo Full Sized Nobori Flags
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Logo Mini Sized Nobori Flags – MADE IN JAPAN
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Logo Sweat Towels
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Vinyl Sticker Range
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Club Sticker Range
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Window Banner Sticker Range

below is a very thorough and visual outline as to what is going to be newly available today. your support to myself, SHIRTSTUCKEDIN and everything creative is seriously beyond appreciated and anything i can transcript into text on a blog post. thank you always, loveeeeeeee. caseyyyyy x