kansai all stars 2020 all finished.

a little over a month ago the qualifying for nara and mie prefecture took place at meihan sports land. in hopes to qualify within nara to be able to go through and run in this years 2020 kansai all stars event on the 14th august.

basically how it works is people show up in their represented prefecture, drive all day and usually get judged by their leader and or boss. a total of 16 ranked drivers get picked including U25 and ladies to represent that prefecture at all stars. to my surprise this year i managed to qualify first for nara and also got first place from the qualifying day overall between the 2 prefectures.

i have definitely been practicing a lot this year and overall think i’ve only missed 1 maybe 2 meihan c course days. there was a week where i drove meihan C & D 5 times in exactly a week. i’ve been very fortunate with this car as of late with almost minimal dramas besides blowing a diff 2 days before qualifying but simple fixes and general maintenance is never a big drama with the extremely talented and driven friends i have here in japan.

i’ll do my best to give the event a rough breakdown on how it actually it works and runs. at the event itself and all the given numbers of the cars and people who have qualified there are roughly 128 cars who attend the event.
– 5 minute practice sessions within your prefecture
– 1st session of qualifying which runs for 10 minutes (approximately 12-15 cars in each group and a total of 3-4 go through to the next round)
– 2nd session of qualifying pending you made it through the first round which once again goes for 10 minutes and 3-4 cars once again go through to the 3rd and final round of qualifying.
– lastly before the tournament (top 12) is the 3rd and final round of qualifying which is the one i ended up making it to before being knocked out.
– tournament (top 12) which is the battles but tanso (single runs only). this is the part that is usually shown on the kansai all stars videos on youtube released every year.
– prefecture dantai (5 cars together)
– super dantai where anyone is free to go out and take place in the extremely high number of cars running all together sun as the sun sets and the event is finished.

taking place in the prefecture dantai with nara this year we managed to knock most teams out before the final battle against kyoto in which they took first place followed by us. being apart of this exact event within all stars has always been a large dream of mine to be apart of, super close, clean driving all together as a team trying to put on the best show for the judges and spectators as you possibly can. even though we came second it was such an amazing feeling to drive home with a trophy from this event.

the sheer level of driving and talent at all stars is seriously something that everyone needs to see and experience at least once in their life (to those who have witnessed the event will know exactly what i am talking about).

below i have attached a bunch of photos a few hours before the event, morning of and some amazing shots by the infamous Kazuhiko Okazaki-san which i am forever grateful for.

i want to say a very large thankyou to koyorad, stance usa, n-style, PS TAKA, stacked, pro shop DIVERSION and everyone involved in this event. given this years circumstances with the pandemic the event still took place with no spectators. based on this decision there was live videos running from the day which you can go back at still watch via youtube.

click here to watch Kansai All Stars 2020 Live.
click here to watch the Nara Prefecture Dantai Videos.

i have also put together a 3 minute video on the SHIRTSTUCKEDIN youtube with clips throughout the day – feel free to subscribe for more videos coming in the future.

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thank you for the extended support and love always. caseyy x

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