Joel Hedges from C’s Garage throwing down at Meihan Sports Land x

Sunday’s in Odaiba, Tokyo. This is quite a regular site in Kanto, believe it or not there were another 3-4 exotics parked up behind this Lamborghini x

Hellaflush Kansai R32

October 16th, 2012

Super low R32 Skyline sitting in the queue patiently waiting for the gates to open at Central Circuit for Hellaflush Kansai x

Missing Nagoya

October 15th, 2012

Really missing Japan, especially Nagoya. Staying there for only a couple of nights out of my whole trip was a pure tease. Most definitely allocating more time for this city when I plan another trip x

しょた もりさん

October 12th, 2012

Shota Mori’s Honda, perfect styling x


October 11th, 2012

Since leaving high school I have been determined to make things work for myself. Almost three years later I am quite happy with the things I have accomplished since graduating, however there is still way too many goals and achievements I want to smash before I am a certain age. I have had a couple of part-time jobs since finishing grade 12 although they haven’t really lasted due to travel. With that being said, budgeting and planning trips overseas is normally a little harder than looking in my savings account and seeing how much I am able to withdrawal.

Since running this blog, I’ve tried to put a fair amount of effort into it which I think is slowly paying off. It has come to a point where I want to try and expand that coolness into something a little more satisfying for you, as readers and followers. With that being said I have recently picked up a night-filling job to help me grow Shirtstuckedin into bigger and better things. I have quite a few projects on the cards at the moment including a small apparel line, 2013 calenders, new stickers and the list goes on. None of this can be accomplished without a budget, hence why I am now employed with a part-time job.

I think this will give me a bigger and better opportunity to travel to Japan a lot more frequent as my work knows what I love to do. Infact my boss loves watching drifting and is heavily involved in imports so trips to Japan shouldn’t be a worry. So soon enough a variety of simple collections will be available to you all. Also, another Japan trip is on the horizon for early next year. Once again, I can’t thank you all enough for your following over the years and I really hope it can continue to grow. Nothing is dramatically changing, my whole outlook 0n the site is to keep things super-simple for you and thats the way it has been from day 1 and will continue to flow in that path. Casey x

Mooneyes Street Car Nationals meet in Odaiba. Such a variety of cars all parked up in one spot. Plenty more to come x

Since everyone is posting photos from the most recent Hellaflush, I’ll continue with the theme however from the previous show – in Kansai. Here is a photo of Shou Kimura’s 326 Zenki rolling into the show early in the morning x

It was awesome seeing Kawasaki-san and the crew from Doriten out at the RB Meeting held at Nikko Cirucit. Here they are doing a little feature on a C34 Laurel equipped with a RB26 x

Courages PS13

October 9th, 2012

The SR that lies beneath the Courages PS13 x