One of the coolest 86’s in Japan throwing down a perfect run at MSC – YZ Circuit. Unforgettable event x

2 Responses to “BRIDE ハチロクー YZ サーキット”

  1. Michael Says:

    Please make that first pic a desktop. I love this car. The only one I like more is Kuniaki Konishi’s Trueno coupe.

  2. sofried Says:

    man you gotta make more posts with multiple images like this! don’t get me wrong i love your snaps but i get a lil bummed when you end up posting just one image at a time for weeks on end! no hard feelings coz i know you have other ‘projects’ (or contracts with mags, or whatever) in the works and you want to slowly release them over time than dumping them all at once. but damn man, give us the goods!

    much love from Maine, keep up the good work

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