May 10th, 2011

Once again an amazing Japanese trip has almost come to an end. K-Tours has been amazing, I never thought Osaka would be this different to Tokyo! If you haven’t visited it’s definitely a must. Tonight is our last night, from approximately 25 people it’s down to 2, being myself and Mez. It’s been a super relaxed couple of days in Shinsaibashi soaking up the atmosphere before we head home. As a matter of fact we had a small earthquake here in Kansai earlier this evening. A 2.1 was recorded south of Osaka and a 4 in Wakayama which is about 25-30 minutes from our hotel. Feeling the ground tremor is a strange feeling, I almost felt a little sea sick! Tomorrow night, or tonight I should say we depart Osaka to fly back into the Gold Coast which is a little sad but I have to say I’m looking forward to getting home to my own bed! Hopefully I’ll be back over sooner than I think. From the 15th of this month till the 30th of next (June) JetStar has flights for $199 one way into Osaka so that is a little temping.

I will leave you with this shot of me riding shotgun with the boss of bosses, Naoki Nakamura-san in his D1 Grand Prix S15. What an unbelievable experience, I can’t wait to upload the in car footage battling M-Bos S15.

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  1. Ali Says:

    Hey man, loving the photos and posts from Japan! I just had a look into K-Tours as going to Japan and visiting tracks and garages is something I’m desperate to do, I was just wondering how long your trip was and where it took you? The tour I’ve found is 7 days so I was just making sure I’m looking at the right thing.

  2. Christian Says:

    Hey Casey..

    Awesome work as always.. I bet riding with Nakamura san was the best experience ever..

    Hope the oil pressure gauge was not working cos it says No pressure!!

  3. Lynnete Says:

    I have been to japanese many times,it’s real a great places to travel,love that very much!

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