March 3rd, 2011

A couple of months prior to Japan I was speaking with Alexi Smith on a regular basis trying to sort out our trip, mostly discussing the events we scheduled to attend. He mentioned that during the time of Ebisu Week there would be a couple of grassroots drift days held down south at Nikko Circuit. Alexi said at some of these low key events you may be lucky and see some pretty crazy cars out on the field, possibly a D1GP car? Or maybe D1SL? During the JZX Day on the Monday I was standing on the outside of the ever so famous first corner at Nikko, the 3 wheeled entry. This white on white JZX100 Mark II comes screaming down the front straight, smashing into 3rd. A transition like no other, dropping the rear right wheel off the edge causing the front left to leave the ground.

Downshifting to 2nd gear and smashing the limiter making instant smoke at the rear. What an entry. A 1JZ has never sounded so good. These guys really can drive, it is honestly unbelievable how consistent they are lap after lap, easily the best drivers in the world. I could only imagine a D1GP driver tearing up this tiny little track, but then again I think to myself, it surely couldn’t get much better than this? After all it is Japan…

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