March 29th, 2013

MCR Factory in-between sessions at MSC x

Post MSC at YZ Ciruit myself and Nick waited patiently just outside the entrance to the circuit for the cars to leave. Managed to capture a bunch of teams leaving the mountain-top amongst the Spring sunset. Here is 3 AE86s from motorFIX x

Stylish brothers from Gifu – Aboumoon R32 Low Style Since 1993 x

Mind Control Racing Factory throwing down in triple class at YZ x


March 3rd, 2013

Team MOUSE AE86 throwing down at YZ Circuit x

あ〜ぼ〜ム〜ン pulling faces x

ARROWS Racing PS13, MSC YZ Circuit 2012 x

ARROWS Racing PS13, MSC, YZ Circuit 2012 x

Over the years of traveling to Japan I have come across an uncountable amount of S-Chassis. During MSC at YZ Circuit on my most recent trip this PS13 from Arrows Racing took part in the lower division of the competition. I still think it is my favourite event to attend to purely because there are cars such as this. There is such a great contrast between the D1 drivers in comparison to the street-type. One of my favourite cars I saw all trip~ x

326 POWER S15 loading up after a long, competitive day at YZ Circuit x