July 1st, 2011

A few days ago I posted a photo of this C33 Laurel sitting in the pits at Meihan and received a good amount of feedback. Personally, I love this type of style – older chassis which retain their factory body lowered on smaller wheels such as these deep 15″ Longchamp XR4s. Oh, and how could I forget the green tint? That finishes this car off perfectly. Have a killer weekend everyone. Casey x

March 4th, 2011

Last month I decided to buy some Fuji colour film and see how it compares with Kodak olour film I’ve been using previously, mainly to see what I like better and which to use for Japan next month. Being told the tones and colours are different between the two, by the looks of the roll I got developed yesterday I really like the colour and tones the Fujifilm develops. In saying this I have to get my hands on some black and white film and try that. On the other hand I have a roll of 120 film that is waiting to be processed, if that turns out well I’l consider taking Rob’s Dianna F to Japan for something different.
This is a photo of Peter Holloway’s PS13 which is currently in it’s build progress. I shot an article on this RocketBunny kitted machine last month, check it out here. Really looking forward to this car being finished.