Wreck `Em Meihan Day

March 24th, 2012

The Wreck `Em Meihan drift day was a day where we were up at 3:30am and home by 8:00pm. A day where over 30gbs of memory cards were filled with awe-inspiring cars. A day where the boys on the tour drove Meihan Sports Land for the first time and for some of us, rode in with the best drivers in Japan. After all the drifting we were blessed with a gorgeous, spring sunset over the track which lead to some pretty dramatic photos. Here are a few from the afternoon.

Walking back from shooting the SuperMade SR Gloria I captured this shot, the lighting was so spot on.

Walking back, I spotted MeZ filming the Team Burst family, chatting and having a few jokes. Here is one of the drivers throwing one of the kids in the air. I am so, so fortunate to have spent a whole day hanging out with these guys, they’re definitely more than a fucking crazy drift team that’s for sure.

One of the statements Nakamura-san gave us at the end of the interview was “Lets go back to the mountains in the Osaka prefecture” where he was caught street drifting back in early 2011. Note, the smiles on peoples faces!

Here is a shot of Jesse’s beige beauty sitting in the sunset alongside Ewan’s Cresta from Nagoya.

As the presentations got set up the SuperMade gang were positioned in a perfect spot! Here is Jesse standing behind the Gloria checking out the picturesque sunset.

The SuperMade S15 was screaming out for photos all, day, long. I couldn’t get enough of the 15″ Work CR-01s.

Nakamura-san, fellow from SuperMade, Kuroi-san from M-BROS, Taguchi-san from T-Welding, Shane and Kazuya-san from B-West having a laugh.

Another glamerous shot of the low and wide Gloria from SuperMade with a bunch of gaijin to back it up.

Kazuya-san having a chat about the days efforts with Team Burst, just have a look at his hand gesters.

In most videos you’ll see this little guy, you probably don’t take much notice but he is the person in control of the cars entering the track. Next time you watch a video at Meihan look out for him with the yellow or checkered flag just in front of the control tower.

Here is Yuu-san and his girlfriend during the presentations, a very good friend of Jesse’s and an unbelievable driver too.

To end the day, the Gloria exiting Meihan with blurred cherry blossoms. Meihan really is a fantastic circuit with a very relaxed and friendly vibe. 5 weeks today until I’ll be back in Japan x

June 1st, 2011

It’s mid week, first day of Winter and only 6 months till Christmas and the New Year, can you believe it? I think this is a good image to kick-start today. This is the Supermade Y34 Cedric slammed hard on Work Meisters which was taken early morning in sub-zero temperatures just as the team rolled in setup. Later on I’ll post a photo of the S15 rolling in on it’s new set of 15″ Work CR01’s.

May 26th, 2011

After the action had finished MeZ and I got close and personal with all the Team Burst guys including Nakamura, what you’re seeing here is a behind the scenes photo of what will be a part of the new Wreck `Em DVD that will be released towards the back end of this year. I snapped these photos off whilst MeZ was filming the large group walking towards us from about 15 meters or so away. The kids couldn’t resist being kids by jumping and screaming which made for a little excitement, I think this photo captured the moment quite well.

May 25th, 2011

A couple of nights prior to the Wreck `Em day at Meihan we visited just over a dozen workshops within a 12 hour period, one being Nagano Koubou. A couple of their cars attended the drift day but the standout was by far this gloss black RPS13 on the new 15″ Work C01. I grabbed this photo just as he was heading out on track, I’ll definitely be sifting through the galleries for more of this immaculate s-chassis.

May 18th, 2011

Seeming as I posted this photo on our Facebook as the new display photo I thought it would be ideal to throw it up on the blog in a higher resolution just so you can froth that little extra.

With these new photos from Japan I want to attempt to write a little more than I have been for each post I make for 2 reasons: Improve my spelling & grammar and to give you a bit more information on what went on behind the scenes to get the shot. Some of you will appreciate reading a little more but I’m sure there will be people to just glance at the images. Continuing on… This photo was taken at the Wreck Em Meihan day as the presentations were being held, this day was probably one of the best drift days I’ve ever attended in my life. I not only got to shoot Jesse Streeter’s S13 but the Supermade Y34 Cedric on the track as the sun was setting, I really can’t wait to release these photos, let alone the Supermade S15 feature. I will be releasing a whole stack of desktops but for now just enjoy what’s filled in this 950 pixel box.