yasuki fukuda-san last minute practice at hitomi-go drift soukoukai prior to kansai all stars in 2017 x

Team COURREGES at Meihan Sports Land soukoukai 2012 x

南 エビス サーキット

September 4th, 2012

If you’re a into cars, or into the Japanese car culture I should say you would probably agree with me when I say that nothing can top watching the sun fade behind mountain ranges, watching cars slide some of the best drift circuits in the world.

I’ve seen some pretty interesting driving on the Minami course at Ebisu. Although nothing can compare to the skill that runs through the hands of this driver. Yes, the banged up, rusty, bent, mismatched C33 Laurel. Back in 2010 I was fortunate enough to see this guy drive Ebisu. I believe the car used to be super pristine on 15″ wheels and a full body kit. Nowadays it’s a little different. The car is driven by a Tomei crate SR motor and doesn’t skip a beat! We spent our 1 day at Spring Matsuri walking around the Minami course watching drivers like this and Daigo-San going mental. Can’t wait to get back! x

July 19th, 2011

Witnessing this car for the first time when I was 18 back in November 2010 at the final round of D1-SL at Tsukuba 1000 was mind blowing. The amount of media that travels around the internet of this one specific fellow and his car is incredible so here I am giving my 2 cents. These photos were taken at the first Meihan day we attended which was held by Kazuya Bai from B-West / Origin. The day consisted of many famous drivers including the D1-SL division so it was awesome to see them go as hard as they possibly could on such a small and tight circuit. Seeing Nakamura blaze around the left-hander onto the straight in the top of 3rd maintaining loss of traction whilst steering into the cement wall and transitioning the complete opposite way causing his moulded wing to sit flush on the wall was absolutely incredible.

Here you can see not only the rear spoiler but the exhaust both have evidence of riding along the wall of Meihan. One thing that gets me about this car is the colour combination, pink and purple with the touch of fluorescent yellow 57d’s. It’s just so Nakamura and has definitely had a big impact on drifters all over the globe. I’d also like to bring up another point, a little off subject of Nakamura but more towards my images in general. As you know I don’t watermark my photos, this doesn’t mean they aren’t copyright, because they are. If you’d like to use any of my images for any use whatsoever please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at: Casey@shirtstuckedin.com and I’m sure we can sort something out.