D1GP Tsukuba

June 30th, 2023

2023 D1GP series at the infamous tsukuba circuit. through my eyes. enjoy x


November 19th, 2013


June 18th, 2013

rough world


March 13th, 2013

RWB like any other amazingly built machine on the internet these days become viral on every social media network. With all the social media these days it’s kind of hard to think that people constantly re-posting these actually have a thorough understanding and passion for what has actually been created. A thing that I learn in going to Japan is respecting every single thing that I become face to face with. RWB Porsche’s over the last few years have recently boomed across the internet. Like many other cars, I’ve witnessed a huge amount of media, including old publications from Japanese magazines and websites of these cars in their early stages however to see them in the flesh was a refreshing experience.

Meeting Nakai-San in his workshop in Chiba was definitely a highlight of last years trip. To see someone that dedicated, focused but at the same time relaxed and happy about everything that happens around him is truly inspiring. There is really no other like the Japanese people, their spirits truly hit you like a wave of inspiration and will forever be with you.

The Idlers meeting in late Spring showcased a huge variety of RWB Porsche’s, one being the almighty TUNERHAUS. Here is one photo I managed to capture prior to heading out for some practice. 2.5 weeks out. More soon x

The Idlers event is a circuit day held at Tsukuba Circuit just north of Tokyo. I’m sure you, just like myself have previewed an uncountable amount of articles, publications and reports on this specific day. Incase you’re in a bit of a daze about the whole event here is a brief rundown; Idlers Club is a Tokyo-based community built purely from the raw, nostalgic European clubman-style racing. Here you’ll find a vast range of classes from FWD Mini Coopers to 600hp naturally aspirated wide-body Porsche’s. Idlers host a number of meetings – the circuit days are taken place at the ever so famous Tsukuba Circuit, where as the endurance races are held further south in the Kansai region of Japan at Twin Ring Motegi.

After a 2 day bender of non-stop shooting and a forecast of heavy rain on Sunday we thought we’d take the chance and head to Tsukuba for the Spring Idlers meeting with Nakai-san. To be perfectly honest, I thought it was going to be a paddock filled with RWB Porsches, however, Japan, once again proved me wrong. Be sure to check out the desktop of this Fairlady x


February 12th, 2013

When it comes to RWB RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF I think you’ll know this familiar face – Nojima Yusuke-San, the painter of these amazing porches that roll out of Chiba Japan. Here are a couple of photos I captured a day prior to an Idlers meeting last year, prepping the infamous AE86 x

Toyota MZ10 at Tomobe SA x