ハロウィン走る 福岡2015年10月 x


June 8th, 2013

A coulple of months ago I was preparing myself again for another unforgettable experience in one of the most amazing countries in the world, Japan. Over the past 10 weeks I have travelled throughout capturing and documenting the car scene as it unfolds, nothing more, nothing less. Just like my previous trips I have not only caught up with so many friends but have met a whole bunch of new faces who in which I’ll never forget. 2.5 months has lead me from Tochigi Prefecture, just north of Tokyo all the way down to Hiroshima. By car, local and bullet trains, buses, bikes and walking I’ve covered just under 11,000km’s. With this being my fourth trip to Japan since 2010 it only seems to get better and better which is almost too amazing to not only think but to write. With all of that being said I am once again blown away by what the people of this small archipelago have to offer.

Out of all the images I could have chosen for my last post in Japan I chose Asano-Sans RPS13 from Chiba. A lot of images are circulating on the internet, but what people mightn’ understand is the spirit and soul in the car and driver. Standard, aero, NISMO wheels and lowdown. Asano-San drives this to and from events, one of the cleanest cars I’ve seen and one of the hardest drivers witnessed. All the way from Chiba Damashi to Bad Stance in Hiroshima, no trailer, no trucks, just a good attitude and a positive human; what it’s about.

With just under 400gbs of data, roughly 25,000 images and a whole bunch of unprocessed film not only from this year but last year there are some interesting things on the horizon. I am looking forward to getting home and starting some projects that is going to express what I experience in a refreshing context.

皆さん日本にいった時間楽しかったどもありがとうございます!まったすぐに!Casey x

Arty Mobara Twin

November 1st, 2012

For the few times I’ve visited Mobara Twin Circuit in Chiba, I’ve generally come across interesting colours. My first time, in 2010 being the final round of MSC was of course a field bursting with an infinite amount of vibrant cars. From my last time at a local soukoukai track day was pretty much the same. These, local JZX drivers are always out in force, practicing and throwing down incredibly close runs. Here they are venturing up the back section of the circuit in preparation for another battle. x

March 2nd, 2011

During the first week of March is Skyline Week, Nick Rombouts and I took his R31 Silhouette up our local mountain, Mt.Nebo last night to snatch a few photos. As this car isn’t driven daily anymore both Nick and I have realised how cool it is to drive it back on the road, especially up a mountain. As we were racing against the clock to grab the last few minutes of the sun it was a pretty quick ride up the hill, as a matter in fact my thongs began to melt on the passenger side floor, it got pretty hot! Arriving to the S bends on the side of a cliff the sun was completely gone, the camera wouldn’t focus and it wanted to set itself higher than 4000 ISO. Luckily I bought my tripod which I never use anymore. Lighting the car on the front headlight with an iPhone to get the camera to focus worked reasonably well.
Happy R31 Day everyone, stay tuned for more Skylines through until the 5th of this month.