This, without question was my favourite car at the Idlers event at Tsukuba Cirucit – N/A PS13. Such an awesome meet. That much variety you literally don’t know where to point your camera. I will be digging up a lot more photos of this machine but until now enjoy this and another shot here x


September 27th, 2012

Here is another shot of a RWB rolling along the Expressway en route for Idlers at Tsukuba Circuit. A few months ago I posted this front angle of the same car you can see it here. Always puts a smile on my face seeing cars to this seriousness rolling along main roads without any looks from ongoing people. It’s one thing to see the RWB cars inside the workshop or at the race track for that matter however I think it was best to see it rolling along the expressway x

RWB Hunting

September 20th, 2012

RWB Hunting with Shinji Yoshioka x

Happy 86 Day

August 6th, 2012

With all my Japanese photos spread across terabytes and terabytes of hard-drives there is one realist that came to mind – Yusuke Nojima-San. I thought I would share this particular shot specifically for 8/6 Day 2012. This day was definitely a highlight on my most recent trip to the motherland. I got to spend the day with part of the RWB Family being Shinji and Nojima. Personally I don’t think we could have picked a better location to contrast the serious looking circuit car. I hope you all enjoy and hope you’ve had a killer day in remembering such a inspiring chassis x

RWB x Liberty Walk Performance Lamborghini Hellaflush Kansai 2012 x

During my last week in Japan I wanted to get as much done as possible. I had been speaking to a few people who are heavily associated with the RWB family, such as Aaron Mai and Shinji Yoshioka. Both of these fellows were extremely helpful in every aspect. Shinji-San organised a Saturday with himself, in his 964RS and Nojima-San and his RWB AE86 for a day out purely to shoot their cars in some very authentic locations. Here is a photo I took of Shinji-San’s bright red 964RS driving back, changing up the angles of the cars. Plenty more to come from this day spent with some of the kindest people I’ve met to date x

Rolling Raugh-Welt

June 15th, 2012

On my most recent trip I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to not only shoot a variety of RWB cars, but to visit RWBs home in Chiba. With all the hype of these RWB machines over the past 12 months I went to Japan having a pretty good idea how the cars would look and perform in person, however I was completely wrong. Pictures, of course do these crazy machines justice but not enough. To cut a long story short we headed out with Nakai-San and his little helper which was driving this RWB to Idlers at Tsukuba Circuit. Nakai-San was in front, trailering Stella. On the way I managed to get a few rolling shots. I have a bunch more photos but will of course be releasing them slowly. Casey x

Thanks Everyone

June 9th, 2012

This will conclude my posts from Japan. Not from what I’ve shot but this will be my final article from Japan before I board a flight back to Australia. I have spent just under 2 months, once again venturing this limitless country. In the 7 weeks of being here I have met so many new faces, travelled just under 5,500km’s by car, train and foot to witness some awesome events, shows and sights. Within those 5,500km’s we have stretched from the Northern prefecture of Miyagi-ken (Sendai) all the way down to Hyogo-ken (Nishiwaki). Each and every time I come to Japan I never really know what I am in for, this trip has once again sprung out at me like a punch in the face with each day progressing into something extremely exciting. Every weekend has been spent shooting constantly which means 1-2 hours of sleep from Friday morning to Sunday night if we were lucky. Throughout the weeks have been more relaxing, checking out places I haven’t the past few times being in Japan and occasionally making our way out to track days or meeting up with friends. Here are some people I’d like to say thanks for everything, especially meeting you after speaking for so long. Park, Joel, Jesse, Ewan, Travis Emily & Andy. Team DLK – Kushunoki Takashi-San, Kimura Shou-San, Ryogo Saitoh-San. Team REVIEW – Shota Sasada-San, Kenji Ariki-San, Nakagawa-San, Idekawa-San, Umeda-San and Sato-San. LOWBRAIN – Yuu-San, Shingo-San, Abe-San Muko-San, Takuya-San. Team Freee’s ☆ – Ryohei-San, Hiroyuki-San, Tatsuya-San and the rest of the team. RWB – Nojima-San, Shinji-San, Nakai-San and Tomotake-San. Luke, Dino, Mark, Max and Tim all the way from the USA for the Hellaflush Kansai at Central Circuit. Honda Boys – Nakamaru-San, Shota-San, Seita-San and Kato-San. Also, my american friends from the base: Colin, Curtis, Charles & Rod. ありがと 皆さん!

With just under 350gb’s, approximately 24,000 digital photos captured and a handful roll of films I’m really looking forward to showcasing what I’ve frozen over the past few months here in Japan. Stay tuned. Casey x