More of Masayoshi Nagano’s groovy styling on another Nagano Koubou styled PS13. Looking forward to seeing what this garage from Osaka brings out to show the rest of Nippon on 2013 x

If you’re based in the USA be sure to pickup the most recent issue of Super Street Magazine. This current issue showcases my first collaboration with them – Hellaflush Kansai 2012 which previews a huge variety of breathtaking cars from the southern region of Japan. I am very excited to be working with an awesome group of people again in the US. Here is a preview of what is in the issue – Masayoshi-San’s RPS13 from Nagano Koubou, aka Rose Bud x

Masayoshi Nagano’s RPS13

March 29th, 2012

This, without a doubt is probably one of the grooviest looking RPS13s I’ve seen to date. I have had the pleasure of seeing this car in the flesh during my trip to Osaka last year. 99.9% of posts on this blog are shot by myself from my previous trips to Japan. However I couldn’t help putting these photos up shot by Mark Warhurst on his recent trip to the mother land.

He took quite a few detail shots which I regret doing last year. Here, you can see the amazing interior on Masayoshi-sans Onevia. In case you didn’t notice Nagano Koubou is a paint shop. The custom dash has been covered in fibreglass and painted in a custom marble effect using red film and black film to create the effect. Masayoshi-san was going for a 90’s look.

In the trunk are some spare skid wheels, Longchamp XR4s. Masayoshi-san definitely digs the lowdown シャコタン style and deep, dish wheels with plenty of pull.

Finally, a shot of the man in front of his personal creation. I really hope I get the pleasure of catching up with him during my next trip. Once again, thanks to Mark Warhurst for the shots.