April 4th, 2011

March 20th, 2011

I’ve always been a huge fan of Japanese photos, more specifically Drift Tengoku styled photographs. For instance these… crisp photos that look almost straight off the camera and into the magazine, capture every photo perfectly without over exaggerating anything. I think it’s time I treated myself to a monthly subscription of Doriten.

February 15th, 2011

Despite all the D1-GP cars in the BEE*R workshop I managed to spot a couple of ‘street’ cars tucked away. This little levin was hiding behind the white 180SX which I’m sure would have been either a customers cars or the workers, either way they looked awesome.

Just as we were about to walk into the office I took the time to have a flick through the large magazine collection they had sitting on the tables. On another rack, dozens of magazines such as; Drift Tengoku, CarBoy, VIP and Vanning magazines were there for anyones viewing pleasure. Next post we’ll look inside the BEE*R office.