ebisu circuit, higashi course x

Rolling up to Higashi YZ Circuit for a MSC round I didn’t really expect what cars were going to be in the paddock. Walking around the pits at MSC is always put stress on the brain, there are so many bright and colourful cars you don’t know where to look or point the camera. In the mist of all the cars I saw two stupidly low R32 Skylines, yep, R32 Low Down Style. This crew has been around since I was 2 years old, 1993 to be exact. For so many years I have watched, admired and dug through so many archives to try and find more and more photos of these cars so this day was literally a dream come true. Unfortunately the main car, this one above did one warm up lap and had some issues for the car which made him forfit for the day. That however didn’t stop him from driving home. This is basically the only photo I got of him on the circuit but I have a few of him exiting the event. x


June 11th, 2012

Now that I am back in Australia it’s time to get sorting and start posting up some content for you all. Lets start with the one and only motorFIX E7. It is definitely a different feeling seeing this car in person rather than photos of it pasted throughout social media websites. Nozumu Sakai-San is a unreal driver with a very unique taste in olden Toyota Corollas. It was so surreal to meet him in person and watch him drive this V8 powered KE70 at YZ Circuit a few weeks back. There will be a lot more photos being dropped from this event over the coming weeks x