Takuya-San from LOWBRAIN splitting up the n/a pack at Nikko with his C34 x

LOWBRAIN ☆ Rub The Earth x

Taku-San from LOWBRAIN tearing up the rear section of Nikko Circuit. RB Meeting 2012 x

Saturday Nights

November 2nd, 2012

Hanging out on Saturday nights with some of the coolest dudes in Japan x


October 30th, 2012

Team LOWBRAIN, RB Meeting, Nikko Circuit, 2012 x

RB26 powered C34 Laurel throwing down on reverse, Nikko Circuit at the RB Meeting x

It was awesome seeing Kawasaki-san and the crew from Doriten out at the RB Meeting held at Nikko Cirucit. Here they are doing a little feature on a C34 Laurel equipped with a RB26 x

Seeing this sight on my last night in Japan made the 2 hour train trip out to the docks with smelly, drunken Japanese people worth it. Takuya and Shingo from LOWBRAIN decided to come hang out with us on my last night too. Even with a blown RB25 Takuya still managed to put on a decent show just before the police turned up. x