July 19th, 2011

With all the positive feedback from this C33  I thought I’d start getting some images up of this one at the first Meihan day we attended. This pink machine was sitting on a big set of 15″ SSR Mesh, the offset unknown but looked seriously tough hanging under the bolt on overfenders. The car had also had an engine transplant from an RB to a SR which totally blew me away when I saw it hit the track. I will try and get some video footage up.

July 1st, 2011

A few days ago I posted a photo of this C33 Laurel sitting in the pits at Meihan and received a good amount of feedback. Personally, I love this type of style – older chassis which retain their factory body lowered on smaller wheels such as these deep 15″ Longchamp XR4s. Oh, and how could I forget the green tint? That finishes this car off perfectly. Have a killer weekend everyone. Casey x

June 27th, 2011

The wheels might’n fit the car perfectly but needless to say I was stoked when this C33 rolled in on 15″ Longchamp XR4’s up front and SSR Mesh on the rear. One thing I miss about the older days is the amount of cars that used to run 14/15 and 16’s, whereas today it’s mostly 17/18’s. I will definitely be posting more of this 4 door very soon.

May 20th, 2011

Heading to Japan with 20-25 people on 1 tour and having 8 or so drift cars we prepared for a logistical nightmare. Getting lost on tollways and in the cities wasn’t as bad as what we thought it would be. Shane simply mentioned if you get lost or need to stop anywhere you need to simply to one thing, switch on your hazards and people will make there way around you regardless of where you’re parked. The amount of times we had to do this was un countable but it worked in the end.

Heading back to Shinsaibashi, Osaka from Suzuka we ended up beating the other half of the group back to the city. As I rolled with the drift cars back it was a perfect opportunity to capture all of the beaters parked in one of the busiest roads in Shinsaibashi. Even though the light was still green I managed to run into the centre of the road for a few seconds to get this photo before I got ran over by any cars. How I love Japan.

April 18th, 2011

Do I really need to say anything?

January 25th, 2011

As I continue to dig up photos from the Autumn Matsuri, I came across this set of images of the Kansai boys when they entered Ebisu. Yes, more photos of John’s PS13, but I can’t get enough. This is one of my favourite photos of the car. Just chilling in the touge car park, overlooking the East Course surrounded by a dozen missiles.

Here, Shane’s quad-bike which he uses to scoot around the mountain to not only save petrol in the car but to have some fun! Oh and John’s car sneaking in the background. Damn Hoshino’s rock!

Erin from JDM Garage arrived in this C33 Laurel. Within an hour of there arrival I was in the car having a blast on the Driftland course, only to find a boost leak, which was an easy fix! The car has had an engine swap from an RB20 to an SR.

Drift Kansai, gathered.

Be sure to check out; K-Tours Osaka, Drift Kansai & Auszoku. There are limited spots left for Spring Matsuri with K-Tours Osaka, ran by Erin from JDM Garage.

January 6th, 2011

Crossing paths with the ever so famous Wonder was completely unexpected.  Our last day in Shinjuku motivated us even more to explore around the city area before we headed to Daikoku PA later that evening.

The previous night, well I should say morning was a late one. After Daikoku PA we managed to get invited to a drifting meet at the docks of Yokohama Bay. As a result of this we were back in Shinjuku asleep at about 4:00AM. We had all agreed to get some rest that morning as it was our last day in Tokyo before beginning the journey up north to Tsukuba and Nihonmatsu for the D1-SL series and Matsuri. Waking up just after lunch time we lazed around the hotel for a couple of hours gathering our belongings and packing the tiny hire-cars to the absolute brim, by this time our stomachs were calling!

Driving straight into the city on the search for a noodle bar Nigel managed to spot Manabu Mitsumori-sans JXZ100 parked out the front of Wonder. At the time Nigel mumbled a few words unbelievably fast and twitched… Somehow I understood what came out of his mouth so I immediately went crazy in the back seat and we pulled into the next street.

Jumping out of the car, grabbing my camera I sprinted a couple of hundred metres back up the main road and saw this… A kouki S14 slammed on Origin DNA-02 wheels and a pair of R33 GT-R’s on the rear. The parks out the front of the workshop were filled with customers cars…

…Another customers car being this white C33 Nissan Laurel. In all honesty I can’t explain how much I fell in love with this car in person, this styling just screams out 80’s/90’s, I’ve always LOVED 15’s on larger cars. The C33 is powered by a RB25DE which is described as a Kaido Racer by Manabu-san.

I love it how the rear of the bonnet has been raised. Check out the 15″ SSR mesh.

I didn’t manage to get a photo of the back of the Laurel, but I noticed I had a video of the car and grabbed this screen shot. Take note of the exhaust. I wish I got to hear this thing.

And finally the Team Spirant AE86 driven by Manabu Misumori-san.

I am really looking forward to Spring Matsuri this year. I’ve been speaking with Manabu-san and by the sounds of things he will be driving the hachi-roku at this years Spring Matsuri in April along with a small group of drivers!