It has been quite a while since I have a) posted a bunch of photos within a singular post and b) done any kind of writing on here, however I thought these above photos deserved to be posted somewhat soonish. A few of you may know a photo spread across the internet via twitter a month or so ago of haruguchi-sans world renowned BN SPORTS 326 POWER mid-millennium styled FC3S RX-7 with no location attached, mind you. I have just concluded another trip to Japan and somehow managed to stumble across this without any desire or search so please enjoy the photos and respect that this car is still somewhat together and alive in some way or another and not recycled into street signs. peace x

August 12th, 2015

2003年ドリ車 x

A Weekend In Nagoya

May 13th, 2012

A weekend away in Nagoya couldn’t have possibly gotten any better. From a full day trawling through shops such as Up Garage and truck stores. Then, to a very special workshop which I will go in depth on a later date. Concluded by a round of MSC at the ever so scenic ヒガシ YZ Circuit. A team I’ve been following for years are the R32 Low Down Style crew from the Nagoya region which surprisingly were at the event. We have had around 2 hours sleep over the weekend so it’s time to get some rest x

This afternoon I headed around to one of my good mates – Morgan Downling, the owner of this S14 of course. Yesterday, lucky enough, his BN Sports widebody kit arrived straight from the motherland which was on the TRIAL S14 believe it or not. I won’t say too much but here is a few photos of the car getting dummied up with the new aero, the car has been off the road for a few weeks now and is getting extremely close!