July 3rd, 2017



古口パーワー2016年5月 x



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日の出千葉魂 x

January 23rd, 2011

Here it is, The yellow JZX 100 Mark II. These two Chasers sounded unbelievably tough as the howling of the 1JZ’s echoed throughout the Daikoku PA circular highway. Being the first of many cars to enter the car park, I sure was excited to see what else would roll through.

A lot of cars head to Daikoku for one particular thing, Street drifting. By the look of this Mark II I think it’s driven exactly for that purpose. On the other hand, the 100 on the right of it looks to be a little cleaner, however in saying that I don’t think it would just be a daily driver.

Half of the rear bar full of yellow electrical tape, maybe this is the new zipties? In my eyes, these cars are to die for. Daikoku PA was just one big adrenaline rush particularly shooting cars like these.