ARROWS Racing PS13, MSC YZ Circuit 2012 x

ARROWS Racing PS13, MSC, YZ Circuit 2012 x

A few days in to my last trip we saw a golden opportunity during Golden Week in Japan to venture out of Tokyo to Nikko Circuit for the RB Meeting that was being held. The drive to the circuit from central Tokyo is around 2-2.5 hours pending traffic. During Golden Weeks it tends to be pretty blocked up, especially around central Tokyo leading out to the main expressways. Back on track, this A31 was by far a favourite, super simple styling – slammed on SSRs and was driving consistently all day long. Will be sure to dig up more images of this Cefiro on the track x

September 1st, 2011

August 26th, 2011

After releasing this photo on the blog and then this I was overwhelmed with the response. If there has been a car I’ve posted on here that the majority of people have loved, it would definitely have to be the Onevia from Nagano Kobou. A couple of days prior to this drift day at Meihan we visited Nagano Kobou, as this particular s-chassis wasn’t there at the time it was a huge surprise seeing it rock up early morning at Meihan.

These photos were taken at sunset concluding our second track day whilst the speeches were on. I think what people love most about the car is the new Work CR01’s. Personally, I don’t think there are enough s-chassis sitting on 15″ wheels these days, and when it’s done right it’ll look something like this. I’m so jealous of the Japanese roads and how low they’re able to drive their cars, not legally of course but just have a look how close the CA lip is sitting to the ground! 

August 24th, 2011

I can’t believe I haven’t posted any photos of the ever so famous Supermade D1GP Onevia until now. Witnessing the S15 and the Gloria at Meihan was unreal until this guy rolled in, it really put the icing on the cake. The car is so well presented, yeah there are huge fender gaps and the wheels and the guards haven’t been crafted around the wheels but hey the car performs unbelievably well and looks stunning!

July 21st, 2011

A few weeks prior to my Japan trip back in April, Dino from traveled down to southern region of Japan and shot the annual Nagoya Car Showdown which showcases amazing cars, each and every year. One of the cars that caught my eye in his posts was this little Roadster from NUMBERSIXCUSTOMS. Little did I know it was attending our Meihan day until I saw it roll in on the back of a truck and unload. I watched the driver unpack his belongings and get organised for the day whilst shooting many frames off, it’s definitely one of the better looking MX-5’s I’ve seen.

July 19th, 2011

With all the positive feedback from this C33  I thought I’d start getting some images up of this one at the first Meihan day we attended. This pink machine was sitting on a big set of 15″ SSR Mesh, the offset unknown but looked seriously tough hanging under the bolt on overfenders. The car had also had an engine transplant from an RB to a SR which totally blew me away when I saw it hit the track. I will try and get some video footage up.

July 18th, 2011

I couldn’t help myself but to post another photo of John entering the tight, left hairpin down the back of the Motorland circuit. Here he is locking up the fronts managing to create some smoke through the wet bitumen.