September 28th, 2021

first time back in the 3037 car since this years kansai all stars. ROWDY RACING free running practice day with friends. in the video we drive the regular meihan way and also a lot of reverse which was the first time in 100% dry weather – can’t even begin to explain how much fun it is.

purchased a new c clamp mount that attaches to the rollbar inside the car so the view is a little lower helping expose the outside of the car so the circuit is more visible. there is a bunch of different footage inside this video along with my regular in-car. filming almost every session from mid morning until the end of the day means this is quite a long video so sit back and enjoy what i call the funnest meihan days possible. post kansai all stars, minimal entrants with a bunch of friends and unlimited driving time.

unfortunately the day ended with a blown engine due to some fuel, overboosting issues which has been a little struggle since the new setup got put into the car, thinking of some ideas to get straight into hopefully very soon. thank you to macey, ryota, jane velvet, ueda for the extra footage. really cool to have more than just an in-car perspective. loveee x

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