returning back to australia late last year for work and summer after 6 months of no driving it was not only super exciting but nerve-racking getting back to meihan c course. late last year i blew the diff at meihan D course so from that new 4.6 gears were ordered direct from nissan and installed, used 2 way NISMO bought which didn’t even last 5 minutes last weekend. following that i purchased a brand new NISMO GT 1.5 way and felt absolutely magical yesterday with 0 dramas whatsoever. full tank of fuel and a brand new pair of 08R with minimal cars on a weekday is the best chance you get at loads of driving and practice.

naoki was watching for the most part yesterday and got some feedback on what to change and improve. meihan will forever be super difficult and very hard to be consistent so onboard, outside and feedback is essential to improve.

i’ve put together another small, RAW (of course) onboard video from a few runs yesterday, definitely still trying to kill some nerves and get back into the flow of driving a car with power. looking forward to practicing weekly again. your feedback and support is always appreciated. big love & continue to stay healthy and safe! enjoyyy x

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