over the past month or so qualifying for prefectures have began in the kansai for region for this years kansai all stars. last sunday at meihan two prefectures were set to run from both mie and nara-ken. overcoming some nerves i managed to pull an all nighter the night before with the help of takumi from sky motors to help get the car ready after a few things needed addressing from the first shakedown a few weeks ago at bihoku highland since the car was rebuilt.

after replacing the standard power brace in the front end with a NISMO one, adding a brand new OEM fan shroud form NISSAN and a few other small things the car instantly felt a lot more predictable and was running at much cooler and suitable temperatures in comparison to bihoku.

i don’t usually take my camera out when i am driving but glad i managed to and snap a few photos so enjoy 🙂
this time of the year leading up to all stars is always special as so many contenders come out of the wood works, alongside regulars to try pull some seriously talented driving out to put on display in hopes to represent their prefectures. it was awesome to see so many cars and spectators out. this was the third time i have been to meihan in this car, twice last year and both days rained really hard as was forecast for last sunday too however managed to hold off all day which was relieving.
these days are in short open to anyone willing to come and drive, practice or be judged for the all stars qualifying. you have the option to practice or be judged in the morning which gave it a much more laid back feel. as expected, fujio-san was there in his missile which now has all the aero off his TD06 car attached to it. running a standard T28 and completely factory engine with 265-35 R18 R1Rs is seriously impressive to watch. he’ll back out in his other car just before all stars as it is currently being painted by naoki-san at n-style.
still puts a smile on my face everytime i see customers, drivers and good friends wearing and supporting SHIRTSTUCKEDIN. congratulations again for taking 1st place over the course of the day!
nakamura naoki and miki tagaki were also there. miki competing for nara-ken and ended up qualifying 3rd out of top 16. naoki on the other hand judging for the most part but managed to sneak a few ridiculous runs in throughout the day.
shane was of course there in his STACKED INC 180SX which is having an awesome run lately. awesome to see him finally competing in D1 Lights this year.
not only was sunday for mie and nara-ken qualifying but a send off / celebration for the life of koji-san which was naoki’s brother-in-law and one of the very first few to run in BURST many many years ago. the car arrived half way through the day and quickly became covered in messages, photos and old BURST memorabilia.
i first met koji-san back in 2011 at meihan sports land and was definitely very emotional around the pits.
after a few speeches from friends and family naoki thought it would be a respected idea on behalf of koji-san that everyone at the event run a super dantai to pay respects. this was my first time every doing such thing at meihan and it was more fun than i could possibly ever imagine and at the same time a very special thing to be apart of with so many people.
at the days end everyone is sat down around the pits and listened to the name readings of who qualified for each prefecture. basically within each prefecture there is a maximum of 16 people who can go through which are broken up into categories, girls, under 25 and pro class. first off mie-ken was called through from semi-san who was judging that prefecture. following that naoki-san began reading out the names for nara.
i managed to do a couple of good runs throughout the day which somehow put me in 9th place and through to kansai all stars to represent nara prefecture. beyond a surreal feeling to be standing next to people who have been driving for so long. time to get some more practice in before august and keep the car up to maintenance!
the car performed flawlessly all day, a bit more time on the alignment, get a closer look at the exhaust leak or waste gate problem that developed in the early afternoon and it should be pretty on point. so blessed to have so many talented friends here who are extremely talented with mechanical work that are always willing to help at the drop of a hat even if it means no sleep. LEVEL UP. casey xxx

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