April 8th, 2013

I have been back in Japan for a week exactly and it feels like it’s been a month. Myself, Park, Rod and Colin have been traveling throughout the southern regions of Japan; Nagoya and Hiroshima. With next to no sleep we compensated with shooting some amazing events and cars. Here is a small, brief update for now from Exciting Car Showdown on the weekend. This car alongside the red RPS13 built from Spirit Rei x

5 Responses to “JAPAN UPDATE”

  1. Kenchan Says:


  2. CaseyD Says:

    kenchan, what is your facebook!

  3. Jacob Torino Says:

    Hey man, long time viewer of your blog + photo’s.
    Keep it up! Your giving me an excellent insight into Japan and its car scene,
    Which will only be topped once I go there myself and experience Japan in its full glory.
    I’d love to talk more about Japan and how you got into the position you’re in so shoot me a message on facebook, pretty sure I’ve got you on there ^_^

  4. Ryan Says:

    Hey Casey any more pictures of this thing? A pic of the rear would be sweet.

    Nice work anyway.

  5. r Says:

    what kind of lip and side skirt is that? great shot

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