Where I Spent My Weekends

June 21st, 2012

During my 7 weeks in Japan, I stood here almost every weekend, on the sidewalks at the docks from around 11pm till 8-9am depending how lenient the police were on that particular night. As tacky and as weird as it may sound it was a time where nothing else really ran through my mind, not a worry or even the slightest thought of anything else. All that was on my mind was to prepare myself, to get in a position to try and capture the best possible frame I could of cars going wild on the streets. With coffee and a huge dose of constant adrenaline I definitely saw and captured some pretty amazing scenes. One regular occurrence was definitely watching the sun rise over the East coast of Honshu behind the docks whilst there was street drifting happening in the foreground x

8 Responses to “Where I Spent My Weekends”

  1. Blat Blat! Pew Pew! Says:

    Please tell me there’s a coffee table book on the way.

  2. hirosuke Says:

    more pics pls

  3. Ryan Says:

    Coffee table book would be amazing. Would definitely buy it.

  4. Zipty Says:

    Where can more pics be seen?? Thanks

  5. Zipty Says:

    Where can the additional pics be found?

  6. adrian Says:

    how do i get here address please? I’m staying in shinjuku right now. I want to take my friends.

  7. Benny Says:

    Looks real good Casey San, keen for more pictures!

  8. luke Says:

    remember me? the random irish guy talking to you down the other side of that yellow gate one saturday night?
    its a good spot alright!

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