May 20th, 2011

Heading to Japan with 20-25 people on 1 tour and having 8 or so drift cars we prepared for a logistical nightmare. Getting lost on tollways and in the cities wasn’t as bad as what we thought it would be. Shane simply mentioned if you get lost or need to stop anywhere you need to simply to one thing, switch on your hazards and people will make there way around you regardless of where you’re parked. The amount of times we had to do this was un countable but it worked in the end.

Heading back to Shinsaibashi, Osaka from Suzuka we ended up beating the other half of the group back to the city. As I rolled with the drift cars back it was a perfect opportunity to capture all of the beaters parked in one of the busiest roads in Shinsaibashi. Even though the light was still green I managed to run into the centre of the road for a few seconds to get this photo before I got ran over by any cars. How I love Japan.

May 18th, 2011

Ever wanted to see the interior of one of the coolest drift cars in Japan, look no further than Naoki Nakamura’s PS13. I know I always post photos of this car but seriously I can’t get enough so I hope you don’t mind!

For the two Meihan track days we attended in Japan, one being the Meister Cup and Wreck `Em we were lucky enough to have Nakamura attend both days. At the first event he rolled in driving his ever so popular pink/purple PS13, however on the Wreck `Em day he drove in, with slash plates in his D1GP S15 which was mind blowing seeing that thing roll off the highway into the pits. That day I was lucky enough to experience tandem drifting in his D1GP car with the D1SL M-Bros S15. Needless to say it’s up there with one of the greatest days of my life.

May 18th, 2011

I’ve always been into my urban photography, starting out in grade 9/10 I remember catching public transport into the city with my little SLR and shoot all day. On my last trip I captured some different styled images on the streets and through malls. No matter what this trip I tried to take at least one camera with me everywhere, one being my DSLR and one being my 35mm, at some stages they were both wrapped around my neck. For the majority of our time in Japan we were located in the heart of Osaka, Shinsaibashi, a place filled with an unbelievable amount of people, amazing clothing stores and exquisite dining. I honestly couldn’t tell you how many times we walked up and down the Shinsaibashi mall to get to the Dotonbori bridge but it was a LOT. I was so hooked on the shops they had running down the mall, for instance this one ‘PARK’. The design of the shops are just awesome, it was even giving me ideas for my house one day.

May 18th, 2011

Seeming as I posted this photo on our Facebook as the new display photo I thought it would be ideal to throw it up on the blog in a higher resolution just so you can froth that little extra.

With these new photos from Japan I want to attempt to write a little more than I have been for each post I make for 2 reasons: Improve my spelling & grammar and to give you a bit more information on what went on behind the scenes to get the shot. Some of you will appreciate reading a little more but I’m sure there will be people to just glance at the images. Continuing on… This photo was taken at the Wreck Em Meihan day as the presentations were being held, this day was probably one of the best drift days I’ve ever attended in my life. I not only got to shoot Jesse Streeter’s S13 but the Supermade Y34 Cedric on the track as the sun was setting, I really can’t wait to release these photos, let alone the Supermade S15 feature. I will be releasing a whole stack of desktops but for now just enjoy what’s filled in this 950 pixel box.

May 17th, 2011

Jesse Streeter. One major high about my recent trip was meeting Jesse and witnessing his PS13 in real life, over the years I’ve admired the media that has been hosted on the internet of his driving skills in Japan. From manji-ing the streets of Nanko to scraping the wall at Meihan it’s been a dream come true finally meeting the man himself and his drift car. I was lucky enough to get a few photos of the car at the end of the Meihan Day which I look forward to publishing a feature.

I have to say I know a couple of people that have packed up their belongings and re-located to Japan but I don’t think many people have it as good as Jesse does. Starting from ground zero he is now the first person you’d scream out if you wanted something directly from Japan to practically any continent in the world. Getting his name out there and gaining the respect from clients Jesse has become a very successful person. This has to be one of the very first images I picked randomly from the Wreck `Em day at Meihan last week and edited up for the blog, I really can’t wait to scan through the other images and publish some crazy entries Jesse was consistently doing all day.

May 15th, 2011

The end of something truly wonderful. I’m not sure if many of you know, but a lot of the street / mountain action is unfortunately closing in with the police cracking down harder than ever. Ports, mountains and roads have been shut down and monitored closer than ever before. Whilst I was in Japan I was speaking to Shane Bingham a local resident in Osaka for the 5-6 years about drifting. Living in Japan over the few years he has seen a dramatic change in the street scene. As you know, last Japan trip we got to experience some pretty amazing street driving in Yokohama Bay Tokyo, this time we were even luckier. After a track day in Suzuka we headed up north to Nagoya were we met about 40-50 drift cars in a local Lawson’s carpark, this itself was surreal. You probably remember my last photo I posted from this night with the 2 D1 S15’s. As the Lawson’s is privately owned no police are restricted to enter that’s why all these cars hang out here prior to driving. As soon as they’re finished they roll back, change tires and then head back out, pretty cool huh? After everyone had filled up on fried chicken and energy drinks, we made the drive to the port which is about 2km’s down the main drag from the Lawson’s, suddenly your lining up in the line to do the lap. Top of 3rd gear transitioning into a tight u-turn right hander and then back up the opposite side of the road. This is one of many I captured that night, along with tonnes of video footage. Incase you can’t pick it, it’s a JZX 90 which of course had an unbelievable 1J note to it.

A month or so prior to this Japan trip I was contemplating selling or trading my 5D Mark II for another body, preferably a 1-Series. I did the same last November before I headed over. As soon as I got home and had the chance to look at the images I captured on a display larger than 3″ I really take my 5d for granted. I really can’t wait to show you more from my recent trip.

May 12th, 2011

For the two times I’ve been to Japan I couldn’t have had it any other way. Over a 2 week period you’d be so surprised by the amount of things you can do whilst your in Japan, visit shops, spectate events, go shopping, go clubbing, visit traditional landmarks. All of a sudden it’s all completed and here I am once again typing from my home in Brisbane, Australia. I find it so strange how I can be in a country so amazing such as Japan and then 8 hours later I’m back home. The past two weeks have been an awesome experience and I’m really looking forward to visiting Kansai again very very soon! I’ll leave you with this image of THE GP Sports RPS13 at Meihan last week.

May 10th, 2011

Once again an amazing Japanese trip has almost come to an end. K-Tours has been amazing, I never thought Osaka would be this different to Tokyo! If you haven’t visited it’s definitely a must. Tonight is our last night, from approximately 25 people it’s down to 2, being myself and Mez. It’s been a super relaxed couple of days in Shinsaibashi soaking up the atmosphere before we head home. As a matter of fact we had a small earthquake here in Kansai earlier this evening. A 2.1 was recorded south of Osaka and a 4 in Wakayama which is about 25-30 minutes from our hotel. Feeling the ground tremor is a strange feeling, I almost felt a little sea sick! Tomorrow night, or tonight I should say we depart Osaka to fly back into the Gold Coast which is a little sad but I have to say I’m looking forward to getting home to my own bed! Hopefully I’ll be back over sooner than I think. From the 15th of this month till the 30th of next (June) JetStar has flights for $199 one way into Osaka so that is a little temping.

I will leave you with this shot of me riding shotgun with the boss of bosses, Naoki Nakamura-san in his D1 Grand Prix S15. What an unbelievable experience, I can’t wait to upload the in car footage battling M-Bos S15.

May 8th, 2011

Over the past few days things have been relaxed, we didn’t end up going to Bihoku yesterday but we are tomorrow which I’m really excited for. Yesterday was spent recovering in bed after a big night on Friday, followed by dinner at the local Hard Rock Cafe downtown Osaka. Things got out of hand really quickly! Thanks to everyone who came! All the boys, Shane and Jesse with their wives, it was definitely a night to remember. Tonight we are heading to the owner of Car Produces’ house for dinner and then for a few drinks afterwards as it is Zac’s, Glen’s, Andrew’s and Luke’s final night in Japan before they head back to London (Zac) and Australia. I’ll leave you with this scenic shot of a beige 86 from Suzuka Motorland a few weeks ago.

May 6th, 2011

Yesterday was the main Meihan Drift Day (Wreck Em) we had all been waiting for, spectating the best of the best globally. Team Burst, Origin, Supermade, T-Welding, Jesse Streeter, NumberSixCustoms and many more. It was pretty surreal seeing Team Burst and Nakamura roll in with their cars straight off the street especially Nakamura in his D1GP S15 with slash plates. Luckily enough I was granted with a passenger ride with him during the back end of the day, to be honest I can’t really say much but I will let my videos do the talking when I get around to editing and uploading them. For now today is my final day of being 18 so I’m soaking it up by relaxing in our hotel in Shinsaibashi and heading to Bihoku tomorrow for my birthday for a practice day. A track I’ve always wanted to visit.